Hail Testimonial


To Whom It May Concern,

After seeing how tenacious American Claims can be after representing us on two separate multi-family hail claims, I would strongly recommend them for your next claim.

Even though the insurance company said that’s all we get, we knew there was more on the table. The problem was that we didn’t know how to approach the insurance company to get what we thought we deserved. That’s when we called in American Claims to look at our situation. American Claims helped us understand the insurance policy, terminology and claims process while helping us to get what we should have received in the first place. 

American Claims is very good at reviewing a settlement offer and showing where the holes are in the insurer’s arguments. They look at the whole project, not just the primary and easily seen damage. In addition to the roofs on our hail claims, American Claims was able to get us paid for damage to siding, paint, overhead and profit. They acquired for us the full 20% overhead and profit by knowing how to present the information to the insurance adjuster.

On the second claim we used them on, Dave Hann showed the insurance company adjuster what they needed to pay after he cracked open the door and established our carrier’s liability. Dave was even able to suggest to us some business practices that made the settlement process easier.

When we had reached what seemed to be an impasse with the insurer, American Claims stayed with it and was able to successfully procure what we were owed. If you want a professional insurance advocate that is easy to work with and communicates well, call in American Claims.

We will definitely continue to use American Claims in the future.

[This company has now done three (3) hail claims with American Claims]